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10 Steps to Clean Your Upholstered Furniture

Remember that wonderful feeling when you’ve just purchased your brand new furniture, and it sits pristine and beautiful in your home? It’s exactly what you wanted, and it looks even better than you had hoped. That new couch, those lovely dining room chairs, that fluffy ottoman.

Unfortunately, though, people actually use this furniture you’ve so carefully selected, and it seems that in no time there are slight stains, faded color, pet hair, and other imperfections that mar the appearance of your once perfect room.

This can be especially challenging with upholstered furniture, that fixed fabric that says “clean me!” with no easy way to accomplish the goal. With slipcovers, it’s as simple as throwing it in the wash. With leather, often as easy as wiping it down. But the upholstered stuff can be tricky.

If your teenagers or grandbabies or beloved bichon frise are leaving your beautiful couch a complete mess, here are some easy tips for getting that once pristine piece looking brand new again.

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Eighteen Gorgeous Living Room Ideas to Inspire a Makeover

Redecorating can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of creating a home. The process ideally allows you to freshly create an inviting, comfortable, and functional space that is both aesthetically attractive and expressive of your personal tastes and style.

For both beginners and veterans, the easiest way to redesign a room is to choose a staple item—in living rooms, this could be an ottoman, a wingback chair, a table lamp, a sofa, a bench, etc.—around which to build and from which to draw a color scheme, unifying center, or inspiration for the rest of the room.

Most importantly, making key decorative choices will serve to maximize whatever space is available—essential if you have a small or awkwardly-shaped room. Read on for eighteen ways to use living room essentials to inspire your personal (re)makeover.

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15 Amazing Throw Pillow Ideas

Styling a couch with throw pillows shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun! With so many fun ideas circling the internet, it’s easy to find the perfect throw pillow ideas for your space. Unique throw pillow arrangements, styles, and colors can help liven up even the most boring rooms and create an inviting atmosphere.

Gone are the days of drab, matching throw pillows you used to see in your grandmother’s home. Now, it’s all about mixing and matching, using a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures.

Don’t forget that throw pillows aren’t just for couches. Using throw pillows on your bed can create the perfect mood for your bedroom. These throw pillow ideas are sure to spark your imagination to create the perfect look for your bedroom or living room design.

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How to Care For Your Leather Furniture

There aren’t many things as warm and cozy as high quality leather furniture. And while it’s prized for being durable, leather furniture requires upkeep if you want to prolong the life of your piece.

However, even though leather is durable, it’s also absorbent in nature, so cleaning is not as easy as wiping down with a wet cloth. Couches and chairs are used day in and day out, with hardly a thought to the grime that builds up on them. Over time, dirt settles into leather furniture and causes it to lose it's distinctive scent.

If you don’t clean your leather correctly, the leather could be stripped of its natural oils and left cracked and dry.

Let’s take a look at 5 steps to caring for your leather furniture. Then we’ll give some stain-specific cleaning hacks and general must-know leather care tips.

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38 Ways to Wake Up Your Dining Room Decor

Studies show that the average Joe spends more than 32,000 hours in eating in his lifetime.

Let’s face it. We move into a house, arrange the furniture, eventually get stuff on the walls, and there it sits. For years and years.

If we’re spending thousands of hours over the course of our lives in the dining room, isn’t it time we change things up? Create a warm, rustic inviting space. Or perhaps a clean, cool minimal look. Or a modern space highlighting a few mid-century pieces.

When it comes to decor we get stuck in a rut, and our stuff collects dust. It’s time we think outside the box. Move the pieces that might as well be stuck in concrete. Bring pieces into the dining from other parts of the house.

We’re going to walk through 38 simple ways to spruce up your dining room and make a big difference.

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