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15 Amazing Throw Pillow Ideas

Styling a couch with throw pillows shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun! With so many fun ideas circling the internet, it’s easy to find the perfect throw pillow ideas for your space. Unique throw pillow arrangements, styles, and colors can help liven up even the most boring rooms and create an inviting atmosphere.

Gone are the days of drab, matching throw pillows you used to see in your grandmother’s home. Now, it’s all about mixing and matching, using a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures.

Don’t forget that throw pillows aren’t just for couches. Using throw pillows on your bed can create the perfect mood for your bedroom. These throw pillow ideas are sure to spark your imagination to create the perfect look for your bedroom or living room design.

1. Use One Color in Three Ways

For this design, the main color is gray, but it’s used in three different ways: solid, pattern, and small stripes as an accent color. This adds a unique look when incorporating the color of your choice, without making the design look too uniform.

2. Customize One for Your Sofa

A great way to add some pop to your sofa is with a throw pillow that fits in perfectly - what fits in better than a throw pillow customized to match your current decor perfectly!

3. Go Bold

Picking a really bright color for the theme of your throw pillows won’t look tacky if done correctly, and it’s an excellent way to draw the eye. Go for a bright turquoise, orange, or yellow, and tie the color into 3 or 4 pillow designs that contrast your furniture.

4. Mix & Match Patterns

One of the biggest trends in throw pillows right now is mixing up your patterns. The key is to go for a main color, and then pick one busier pattern and one or two low-key patterns that use that main color. This set uses contrasting floral patterns with calmer dots.

5. Pick Unique Textures

Who says too much texture is a bad thing? True, it can look tacky if you have too much of the same texture, like all shag pillows. But this design is done perfectly, using different beaded and flowy textures that work well together to create a sophisticated, Parisian feel.

6. Use Different Sizes & Shapes

Mix and match the sizes and shapes of your throw pillows. Don’t be afraid to go for really large, fluffy pillows, as long as you don’t make them take over your sofa. Your pillows should make your sofa look inviting, rather than leave little space for sitting.

7. Mix Neutral Colors with an Accent Color

This design uses neutral grays, tans, and golds with a bright pop of orange from one pillow. If you’re nervous about going too bold with color, this is the perfect way to add in an extra boost of color without letting it overthrow the rest of your color palette.

8. Use Your Words

Throw pillows with inspirational, love, or family quotes are absolutely in style. Of course, if you have too many pillows with words on them, your eyes will get lost. Instead, use one or two in your arrangement, or use a single throw pillow with a quote for a chair in the space.

9. Make it Personal

Bring some of your family and life into your design with custom photo pillows. Create an antique look with black and white family photos, or add in a couple of smaller throw pillows with collages of your children or grandchildren.

10. Put Them in the Corner

Most people instinctively put throw pillows on the end corners of their sofas to balance out the seating area. But this design puts them right in the middle of a corner sofa to draw your eyes to that location for a beautiful, offset look.

11. Go Way Off the Beaten Path of Throw Pillows

Throw everything you thought you knew about matching throw pillows out the window and choose some that are way different! Be creative by matching a few key pieces of decor to some of the stand-out colors in your pillows.

12. Bring the Garden Inside

If you love floral designs but are afraid that floral wallpaper or throw rugs will be too much for your design to handle, use some throw pillows designed to look like flowers. They can bring in some unique shapes and textures to your design, too.

13. Make Them Symmetrical...

The beauty of throw pillows is that they can be arranged in so many ways, and they almost always look good. If you’re really picky about your throw pillows lining up, go ahead and make them symmetrical. Place an eye-catching pillow in front to draw the eye and break up the design a bit.

14. ...Or, Make Them Asymmetrical

This design uses five different pillows arranged asymmetrically, yet the overall design looks flawless. As long as your colors and patterns complement each other, you can be a rebel with your throw pillow arrangements and still make your design look beautiful.

15. Match Them to Your Decor

If you want to get really creative, find unique photos, artwork, and decor pieces and match your throw pillows to them. Pay close attention to colors, patterns, and texture in your decor and complement those with your throw pillow design.