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15 Headboard Decorating Ideas to Watch in 2017

If the bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary, then it ought to be pretty—starting with the focal point, the bed! Details do not fail to be important here, and while the headboard may not initially seem as important as bedding or wall color, it’s an important part of home décor.


Bergman Upholstered Headboard in Bedroom

Thoughtful input into texture, design, color, and other matters will create an impact all its own in the form of a well-chosen headboard. The right headboard can provide continuity, beauty, and attractiveness to your bedroom.

It’s still early enough in 2017 to capitalize on some of the newest and most exciting decor trends this year. Here are fifteen ideas to spruce up this often-forgotten part of the room.

1. The hidden bookshelf

Do you like to read in bed? Most people do. And are you running out of space on your night table? Then why not repurpose your headboard as a bookshelf? Using it as bookshelf space will not only provide discreet, classy storage for a beloved habit, but add a winsome attractiveness to the room.

2. The luxury hotel

This guest room is a perfect example of pulling out all the stops for the people you invite into your home. While the whole room is perfection, the headboard in particular adds a touch of both luxury and warmth to the room that is only complemented by the other pieces. This is an example of how a headboard can add coordination and emphasis to a theme.

3. The area rug

Did you know an area rug can be used as a headboard? It adds a soft, enjoyable touch to a room. Most of the time a queen size mattress matches nicely with a 5x8 rug. While almost any rug can be made to work, it is easiest and best to use a dhurrie rug from India because the weave tends to be more pliable and easier to shape.

4. Coordinate

While mixed patterns and textures can be fine if used wisely (see below!), it’s never wrong to go with a coordinating theme. The same several colors and shades can be mixed and matched almost endlessly to create thoughtful diversity in the anchoring context of unity. Here, the right tones of beige and grey appear in the headboard, pillows, and other accents to tie the whole room together in a subtle way.

5. The mantle

They’re not just for fireplaces! A well-chosen mantle can add a fun, dignified, and inviting note to your bedroom. The nice thing about using a mantle for a headboard is that it can be purposed for exactly the same use as a fireplace’s mantle—displaying keepsakes, pictures, and any other items to add life and beauty to a room.

6. Mix prints

It’s happening in living rooms with chairs/pillows, bathrooms with rugs/towels, and has been happening in bedrooms with bedding for some time. But if you have a printed headboard, you can use the print to contrast and coordinate with the entire room! While prints must be mixed carefully to ensure good taste and to avoid busyness, they can be a great way to add chic fun and playfulness to décor.

Carrington Court stocks hundreds of different fabrics in numerous colors and styles. Why not browse through some and see if any strike your eye?

7. Floating furniture

This will work best if you have an open concept bedroom. Pick a large piece like a chest of drawers that you can place against the bed—you must leave enough room for the drawers to be functional, though! Ideally, the back of the piece will be finished, but if not, it can be painted or covered with wallpaper or fabric.

8. The doors

Repurposing doors in décor is nothing new, but Pinterest is seeing many DIY decorators and artists use them as headboards. This example uses a pair of rustic country doors to not only create a lovely focal point but to add a dark-toned theme to the room that pairs well with the furniture and bedding.

9. Frames

Another potentially rustic touch is to use window frames (!) as an accent. You can spruce them up with fun fabric, as here, or use them on their own.

For additional thematic or contrasting capability, you can stain or paint them, whether to tie them into a larger color scheme or to provide contrast in texture or color.

10. Fabric

(image via

Whether printed or plain, fabric headboards of both the pre-designed and DIY variety are becoming a staple in American homes, especially those with a more modern look. Because fabric is almost endlessly versatile in print, color, texture, and theme, you can create all kinds of looks by picking the right headboard.

Some DIY versions can even allow you to easily switch fabric if you want a different, fresh look.

Carrington Court sells several upholstered headboards with over 200 fabric options. You can see some examples here, here, and here.

11. Storage

While the bookshelf headboard (see above) was more reserved and subtle, it’s hardly the only way to incorporate storage into a headboard.

Most helpful for those who live in tiny apartments (I see you, NYC-dwellers), a well-apportioned shelving system can be the best way to maximize space and add a cozy touch to a room.

12. Mosaic

Here’s one way to incorporate fabric so unique it deserves its own spot. Take different but coordinating fabrics (think similar colors and textures) and wrap them around pieces of foam or wood. These pieces can be the same size, or different ones, depending on the precise look you want to achieve.

13. The corner

Lots of us grew up with a twin bed pushed against a wall. Now, you can achieve a unique look with that precise bed position. This idea works best with a fabric board, given the unique shaping and need for pliability, but it could also work with wood or even wrought iron. Note that the bed is larger than a twin, which when combined with the specific decor choices adds a warm, fun, chic mature spirit to the room.

14. The wood pallet

This can be adapted in many creative ways. The basic idea is to create a sheet of wood pieces, whether rustic and contrasting (think reclaimed wood), or stained and unifying. However, the pallet can cover the entire wall, be made up of differing lengths, or otherwise be creative and inviting. Have a headboard that stands out! (You can even find out how to make your own here.)

15. The lighted option

For that added cozy touch as well as making reading in bed even easier, many people are choosing to create lighted headboards. Many of these can be made yourself with a few simple instructions. The right lighting adds warmth and an inviting spirit--key elements for a properly comfortable bedroom. Notice how the lighting pairs nicely with a pallet headboard for an additional thoroughly rustic look. (Here’s how to make one yourself!)


A new year is a perfect time to begin making changes to your home decor for a fresh, inviting look. 2017 promises to bring some very exciting and enjoyable trends in decorating that are both current and classical. The fifteen you just saw are only some of the ways you can add color, life, fun, and beauty to your personal sanctuary. Happy decorating!