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24 Gorgeous Living Room Ideas to Inspire a Makeover

Stuck in a rut with living room decorations? Sick of staring at the same old boring pattern on your couch, love seat, coffee table, and lamps? Monotony is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome in any living space. But breaking the cycle of the same old, same old is not as hard as you may think. Making your living room seem unique and inviting can actually be a lot of fun for those of you who aren’t afraid to think differently.

A great way to redecorate and make your living room seem more open and welcoming is to focus on the three furniture staples: wing chairs, ottomans and benches.These pieces can be used decoratively, but are practical as well. You can either center your living room theme around these articles of furniture, or add them in as accent pieces.

Decorate with Wing Chairs

Soak Up that Leftover Paint

wingback chair
Source: Besagm

A great way to decorate a living room is by using leftover paint from your walls on the wooden trim and legs of your wing chairs. The matching colors will help bring the room together.

Tag Team Textures

bamboo chair
Source: Carldrogo

Keep your patterns and textures consistent—especially in smaller spaces. If you have a lot of bamboo decorations in your living room, try to find wing chairs that have bamboo legs and frames. This allows for the room’s theme to flow. Too much inconsistency can make your room look busy and cluttered.

Use Wing Chairs as Borders

wingback chair
Source: Tubwoo

Help create a border around your room by strategically placing your wing chairs. You can direct the attention of the room by making your wing chairs face the same direction.

Opposites Attract

wingback chair
Source: Decorpad

Rather than staying refined and coloring inside the lines—get risky and bold. Mix and match your furniture colors. Try using a color that offsets your main piece of furniture. If your couch is blue, try to have a white or orange wing chair.

Fire Up that Space

fireplace chair
Source: Decorpad

Choose a pair of matching wing chairs to face or border your fireplace. Your living room will be warm and inviting.

Adorn Your Entryway

entryway chair
Source: Homedit

Do you have a fully decorated living room, but the entryway is a bit bare? Use a wing chair to fill it up and it will become an extension of your living room.

Relax with a Reading Nook

reading nook chair
Source: Jonathan Adler

Add a wing chair in a corner to create a small reading nook. Place it by a window and add a small stack of books to decorate the chair with.

Make Furniture Pop

throw pillow
Source: Architat

Make your wing chair a statement piece by adding a comfy, colorful throw pillow or blanket over it. This will make your chairs and your room feel more inviting.

Add a Special Touch with an Ottoman

Forgo Traditional Coffee Tables

coffe table ottoman
Source: Youclassify

Sturdy ottomans can be used in the same way as a coffee table — it can hold books or small decorations and act as a centerpiece.

Offset Colors with Ottomans

bright ottoman
Source: Interiorismos

Have a pop of color in your ottoman—you don’t have to be conservative with your furniture. If you have neutral colored furniture, bring in a bright green ottoman to offset.

Double the Effect

rectangular ottoman
Source: Housebeautiful

Sometimes going small is big. Instead of a large rectangular ottoman, try two or three square ottomans that are more like footstools.

There’s Never Enough Storage

storage ottoman
Source: Weithouse

Some of the best types of ottomans are the ones that serve multiple purposes. This is a great way to create extra storage without cluttering your home with books and electronics.

Make the Top Pop

table ottoman
Source: Pinterest

Use the ottoman in the same way you would a coffee table. Have a wooden tray with some collectables or vases on it for decoration. Ottomans don't always need to be used as foot rests.

Position it Perfectly

shared ottoman
Source: Homestars

Position your ottoman smartly so that multiple people sitting in different chairs can make use of it at the same time. This will bring your living room closer together.

Add More Seating

ottoman bench
Source: House Storage Solution

More seating is always a plus—especially in a small space. Rather than having the ottoman in front of a couch or chair, or in the middle as a coffee table, use it as extra seating.

Don't Be Afraid to Round Things Out

circular ottoman
Source: MultiRecarGas

Go for the circular ottoman shape. Many of these will come in a yin-yang shape and are able to be pulled apart, giving you numerous uses for different guests.

Give Your Living Room a Decorative Accent with a Bench

Go Green with a Plant Bench

Source: Residence Style

Go green with a bench for your plants. Benches decorated with plants not only bring life to a room, they also make them feel warm and inviting.

Storage is Always a Plus

bench storage
Source: Hative

Benches can be very unique. They can hide just about anything while adding a unique touch to the room. Store books, picture albums or blankets in the bench.

Seating for Everyone

cushioned bench
Source: Naturafuls

Choose a soft cushioned bench as a focal point. Use the bench as a main piece of furniture in your living room as a sitting area—especially if your living room is small.

Pillows make Everything Pop

accent pillows
Source: Entry Foyerus

Accent throw pillows are the perfect attention getter. Place one on your bench to draw attention to its unique features. Use this as an opportunity to mix and match colors, patterns and fabrics.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

decorative mirror
Source: Havenly

The impression of a more roomy area is almost as good as the space itself. Place a large, decorative mirror on the wall right above a bench. This will help expose your living room while giving it feel of an open area.

Think Outside the Bench

decorative walls
Source: Home Design and Decor

There's nothing like getting creative with your thinking—especially when you are decorating your home. If you love decorating your walls with sets of pictures or frames, include the bench as part of that. Consider it a wall decoration, rather than a sitting area.

Create Room Borders

bench borders
Source: HitWalls

If you have an open, flowing floor plan between living room and dining room, use a sitting bench or decorative bench as a substitute for a wall. This way, it will border the two different rooms and separate them. You don't have to feel closed off, but if you need to separate, you will have the illusion of being alone.

Clear Up Clutter

wall baskets
Source: Houzz

Find cubby benches that can wrap around the walls. This is perfect for adding wicker baskets full or books or toys or filling each square with plants, books, or other decorations. A room without clutter is a much more relaxing space.