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6 Design Styles for Decorating Your Ranch Home

Decorating a ranch style home can be difficult , and deciding on the style you want to showcase can be challenging with so many different, unique designs out there. Even more difficult is being able to put your ideas into action.

Never fear. Here are 6 ways to transform your home into the ranch you have always dreamed about.

Mid Century Modern

The Mid Century Modern look is making a huge comeback. The design will fit the style of the ranch house very well, because they both originated in the same time period. The look usually incorporates a variety of patterns and textures, as well as wallpaper, which is also making a huge comeback.

Furniture is a very important aspect of the Mid Century Modern look, as it usually has a very specific feel which can lead someone to immediately identify the style of home. The style tends to showcase wood pieces with clean, simple lines. Most of the sofa and chair legs are made of sleek wood, which allows the furniture to be a focal point of the design.

The Mid Century Modern look wouldn't be complete without a retro feel to it. By finding a piece of vintage style furniture, your room can be transformed. Look for pieces of furniture with wooden legs and fabric with a pattern. If you can’t find a piece of vintage furniture, vintage art or accessories can help accomplish the Mid Century Modern look.


A Craftsman style home was built with function over form in mind. There are no competing design elements between the Craftsman style home and a typical ranch, which makes this design easy to execute. While your home might not have that typical Craftsman style look with open porches, overhanging beams and rafters, you can easily bring some of the Craftsman style inside your home.

The interiors of Craftsman style homes generally contain hardwood floors and the kitchens and bathrooms usually have ceramic tiles or stone floors. They contain wood moldings and trim throughout the house, especially around the windows and doorways. The furniture is typically wood based made from oak with strong grain shown on the wood.

Built in cabinetry and seating are signature trademarks of a craftsman style home, and creating a nice reading ledge under a window, can provide an easy touch of craftsman style to your home. Also, consider decorating the reading nook with a neutral colored cushion and patterned throw pillows.


While you may not live in the country, the design of a typical farmhouse might be appealing to you. The good news is that you don’t have to live on a farm to achieve this style in your home. Early farmhouses in America were popping up around the 1930s and were simply built homes with large porches and were located on a farm.

Again, while the exterior of your home might not have the characteristics of a traditional farmhouse, you can easily transform the interior of your home into one.

The signature look of any farmhouse kitchen is the farmhouse sink, also known as an apron sink, an oversized and extremely deep sink with no cabinets in the front.

Kitchens often have white cabinets as well, and every farmhouse needs a farmhouse table. A farmhouse table is characterized by the large size of the table and the wooden material that is used. It’s meant to fit large families and can be a great piece to add to your dining room or kitchen.

Interior barn doors can really showcase the farmhouse style that you’re attempting to achieve. You can put a barn door on a hinge and use it as an entrance door from the outside, or put it on a slider to separate rooms and add character inside your home. Either way, you are sure to attract the farmhouse look when you use these doors.

There are many accessories that you can add to decorate your ranch home. The use of mason jars, ladder displays, chalkboards, rustic signs and wooden accessories are easy items to use.


Most people dream about living on a beach or a body of water. Unfortunately, the majority of people don't live there. Whether it is cost or location availability, living directly on the water is not always a feasible option. However, you can bring that nautical style into your ranch home and have the feeling of being on the water year round. The design style is white and neutral colors, with different shades of blue as the accent color.

Generally, the furniture in a nautical home consists of unfinished, vintage looking wood. This wood looks like reclaimed wood and creates the appearance as if it came from an old wooden boat.

The sofas and chairs are usually a white or light colored fabric, which helps bring together the beach theme and create an open looking space. If white is not your style, the fabric can also be a pattern that includes some shade of blue in it, as long as the rest of the room has a white or neutral tone.

You can accessorize the space by adding decorations such as seashells, boat sails, wooden accessories and maps, which all help tie in the nautical theme into your ranch house. Additionally, a unique idea is to use a vintage sea-inspired trunk as a coffee table can transform your living room.

Nautical rope can also be used throughout the house. It can be wrapped around smaller items like lamps or used on larger, more central pieces, such as a bed frame, a chandelier, or a mirror.


The industrial look in homes is inspired by the industrial era that occurred at the turn of the century. This look is achieved by creating clean lines and utilizing a mix of materials, including, steel, leather, brick and wood, throughout your home. Exposed brick walls are a staple of this style.

The colors associated with an industrial home are usually rustic in nature. This can range from a variety of brown and neutral colors to more muted shades of blue and green. Bright colors are usually absent from the design in an industrial style home.

The furniture is likely a darker, unfinished wood, with dark metal finishings or legs. Leather is a key element of the industrial look. Large sofas with a dark brown, worn in look, will help achieve this style the best.

Brown leather dining chairs paired with a wooden or metal table provides a great contrast between materials while achieving the desired industrial look.

Lighting is a big factor to consider in this design. Typically, industrial lights come in two design styles: vintage or modern with steel and geometric designs. While lighting is often overlooked in a home, it’s necessary to tie the industrial style together.


Urban Modern

This style originates from the modern designer lofts that you can find in big cities and is often intertwined with the contemporary style. This design contains contemporary looks with a minimalist design.

It can generally have an industrial look with a much softer side. You can use the tips above for creating an industrial designed ranch home, but then add softer accessories, such as a plush rug, more comfortable furniture and more inviting, softer and brighter colors.

Urban Modern is composed of larger pieces of modern furniture, which often sit lower to the ground. The furniture is of a simplistic nature with clean lines.


Thankfully, there are numerous ways to style your ranch home. While some designs are easier to execute than others, all of the designs are achievable in your ranch home. Whether you want something uber modern or a vintage feel, you can create the ranch home of your dreams.