Inspiration and Ideas From Our In-House Experts & Customers

Designed By You - The Burlington Parsons Chair

During a typical year, we get hundreds of customer requests to make tweaks or changes to our chair styles. Occasionally one of these modifications ends up being a new style. That's how the Burlington Parsons Chair came to be.

This chair is actually a variation of the Button Back Parsons Chair, which has been in our line for many years. Though the new chair may be inspired by one already in our line, there are some great new features. The back has a seam running its length. That seam is held together by a vertical line of five buttons. Compare this with the tabs and buttons on the Button Back Chair. Another unique feature is that the back, seat border and corner pleats are in a contrasting fabric. While you can order the chair in a single fabric; the contrast option gives you a lot of choice in putting together a chair that will go great with your decor.

The Burlington Parsons Chair is a great example of the flexibility you have. While it's not always possible to create a custom design, we'll always consider it. There also may be some extra expense since there is a lot of extra work in creating a custom design.

So, what is the best way to communicate your ideas with us? The easiest method is to fax or email a diagram of what you want. It doesn't have to be a professional rendering--just something to give us an idea what goes where.

We look forward to seeing your ideas. Keep a lookout for more new customer inspired designs in the future. I'll be posting them here frequently.