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Eighteen Gorgeous Living Room Ideas to Inspire a Makeover

Redecorating can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of creating a home. The process ideally allows you to freshly create an inviting, comfortable, and functional space that is both aesthetically attractive and expressive of your personal tastes and style.

For both beginners and veterans, the easiest way to redesign a room is to choose a staple item—in living rooms, this could be an ottoman, a wingback chair, a table lamp, a sofa, a bench, etc.—around which to build and from which to draw a color scheme, unifying center, or inspiration for the rest of the room.

Most importantly, making key decorative choices will serve to maximize whatever space is available—essential if you have a small or awkwardly-shaped room. Read on for eighteen ways to use living room essentials to inspire your personal (re)makeover.

Decorate with Wing Chairs

Kitty-cornering wing chairs is an excellent way to create an inviting sitting area as well as a lovely centering point. Since these match, they add a unifying, grounding element to the room.

Pairing chairs can be the open door to a settled theme for the entire room, or build smaller, diverse sections that can nonetheless tie the whole room together. These chairs round out the white accents that create a warm ambience when paired with the gold and brown tones.

Angling a chair in a corner (on its own) can create balance in a room by visually anchoring the line of sight in alternating areas. Additionally, it can be a wise use of space, as in this room made up of diverse pieces with a common warm-toned theme.

If you choose a coffee table as the focal point, grouping chairs around it can be an excellent way to create an inviting room, ready for sparkling conversation. Using diversely-upholstered pieces can work well if done with care, as in this room.

Why not repurpose an old chair by getting a new cushion that has some of the same color scheme, then pair it with an ottoman that can carry the same scheme even further? This is an excellent and tasteful example of that (it also shows how to subtly yet definitively create a monochromatic theme).

However, if you want a bold, unifying theme, choose the same focal point surrounded by matching pieces to anchor the room.

Add a special touch with an ottoman

We start with the most obvious use: Coffee table! Originally designed to be footrests, over the last several years it has become very popular to use large ottomans as coffee tables, as in this spectacular room.

“Shared-space seating” can be essential in both open-concept floor plans and smaller rooms. Choose pieces that work well in a variety of contexts to maximize seating options and the makeup of the room (note how the fabric ottoman above can be easily moved around and pairs well with each section of this great room).

While you’re using that ottoman as a coffee table, you might want to consider purchasing one that can double as a storage container. These will have hinged or lidded tops and provide room for throws, board games, pillows, and all kinds of things, as with this gorgeous example.

This room uses ottomans both as a coffee table and as an end table for the couch—a great and creative way to use petite or square ottomans.

Petite or otherwise small ottomans are perfect for tuck-away seating. They’re a great way to create a fun accent while also being quite functional, as these striped ones are.

Ottomans can especially be useful as the central focal point of the room, to tie the whole space together with common color schemes or tones. This is easiest when placed in the physical center of the space, like here.

Give your living room a decorative accent with a bench

Benches are a fun way to create an extra couch. Just add some comfy pillows and perhaps a tasteful cushion and you’re good to go.

Larger and smaller rooms alike can do well with a carefully-chosen sofa table as an accent piece. Bet you didn’t know you could use benches for that, did you?

Great rooms can benefit from a tasteful bench employed as a room divider. This can help to organize larger spaces into cozy smaller ones with something both attractive and reliably functional.

Like their ottoman sibling, benches with lids or room for baskets beneath can be excellent sources of additional storage.

Benches can also double as clever coffee tables. Additionally, these staggered small ones provide fun diversity to the room, while their white color ties in with an anchoring theme.

Smaller rooms will especially benefit from this last one: Use little ones not only as additional seating, but as tuck-away seating, perfect to be put away beneath a table. This also adds a tasteful, appealing touch to any room.


Do these eighteen ideas give you any inspiration for your own creative expression? I hope so! Happy redecorating!