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Even More Choice -- 3 New Fabric Collections

Our fabric buyers not only try to keep up with the latest trends, but also have the unenviable job of ensuring we offer a little something for everyone. It's not an easy task to determine what other people are going to like, especially since tastes are relative. Occasionally, I'll hear something like "This is not something that I'd pick out for myself, but we've had several customers requesting something like this."

Luckily, I can honestly say that I like all the new fabric collections we're adding to our line. First up we have Cheryl. The design is pretty unique, but the colors are classic. We've had great success with toiles in similar colors and hope that these two continue the tradition.
Cheryl Coral
Cheryl Porcelain Our next fabric is called Polly Spice. This look goes way back and is what many would describe as "Country French." It's a simple design in a light mustard color with red roosters.
Polly Spice Finally, we have the three fabrics in the Celia family. I'm really a fan of these because they are a traditional floral print with a twist: they have a slightly washed look (especially the Primrose and Wedgewood). When I say washed, I do not mean worn out. The background colors on the fabric are muted just enough to make the floral designs really pop.
Celia Balsam
Celia Primrose
Celia Wedgewood