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Tie Together Your Room with Custom Throw Pillows

Custom Throw PillowsIt's been a long time coming but we're finally rolling out a huge selection of throw pillows. You can choose from a dozen shabby chic, vintage script designs or create your own by selecting from several shapes and sizes available in over 200 fabrics.

Throw pillows have always been a great way to tie the colors in a room together. With an enormous number of fabrics, you're sure to find a match for whatever color you're trying to make pop whether it be in the curtains, carpet, rug, walls or a contrast for your upholstery. 

So, we encourage you to stop in and have a look at all we have to offer. Just as with everything else that we make, these pillows are hand-made in the USA and affordable, starting at $25 each. We hope you enjoy them.

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