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How to Care For Your Leather Furniture

There aren’t many things as warm and cozy as high quality leather furniture. And while it’s prized for being durable, leather furniture requires upkeep if you want to prolong the life of your piece.

However, even though leather is durable, it’s also absorbent in nature, so cleaning is not as easy as wiping down with a wet cloth. Couches and chairs are used day in and day out, with hardly a thought to the grime that builds up on them. Over time, dirt settles into leather furniture and causes it to lose it's distinctive scent.

If you don’t clean your leather correctly, the leather could be stripped of its natural oils and left cracked and dry.

Let’s take a look at 5 steps to caring for your leather furniture. Then we’ll give some stain-specific cleaning hacks and general must-know leather care tips.

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24 Gorgeous Living Room Ideas to Inspire a Makeover

Stuck in a rut with living room decorations? Sick of staring at the same old boring pattern on your couch, love seat, coffee table, and lamps? Monotony is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome in any living space. But breaking the cycle of the same old, same old is not as hard as you may think. Making your living room seem unique and inviting can actually be a lot of fun for those of you who aren’t afraid to think differently.

A great way to redecorate and make your living room seem more open and welcoming is to focus on the three furniture staples: wing chairs, ottomans and benches.These pieces can be used decoratively, but are practical as well. You can either center your living room theme around these articles of furniture, or add them in as accent pieces.

Decorate with Wing Chairs

Soak Up that Leftover Paint

A great way to decorate a living room is by using leftover paint from your walls on the wooden trim and legs of your wing chairs. The matching colors will help bring the room together.

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6 Design Styles for Decorating Your Ranch Home

Decorating a ranch style home can be difficult , and deciding on the style you want to showcase can be challenging with so many different, unique designs out there. Even more difficult is being able to put your ideas into action.

Never fear. Here are 6 ways to transform your home into the ranch you have always dreamed about.

Mid Century Modern

The Mid Century Modern look is making a huge comeback. The design will fit the style of the ranch house very well, because they both originated in the same time period. The look usually incorporates a variety of patterns and textures, as well as wallpaper, which is also making a huge comeback.

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Eighteen Gorgeous Living Room Ideas to Inspire a Makeover

Redecorating can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of creating a home. The process ideally allows you to freshly create an inviting, comfortable, and functional space that is both aesthetically attractive and expressive of your personal tastes and style.

For both beginners and veterans, the easiest way to redesign a room is to choose a staple item—in living rooms, this could be an ottoman, a wingback chair, a table lamp, a sofa, a bench, etc.—around which to build and from which to draw a color scheme, unifying center, or inspiration for the rest of the room.

Most importantly, making key decorative choices will serve to maximize whatever space is available—essential if you have a small or awkwardly-shaped room. Read on for eighteen ways to use living room essentials to inspire your personal (re)makeover.

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