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Traveling in Style. Dining Chairs Traverse the Globe Aboard Luxury Yachts.

We frequently get pictures from customers displaying new furniture in their homes and we're almost always amazed at the beauty. In all sincerity, I've gotten pictures of homes that could be confused with a resort. Recently we've been collaborating with Destry Darr Designs on furnishing dining salons for a number yachts. They were kind enough to send us pictures of several recent projects and I was left speechless. Looking at them all I could hear was Robin Leach's voice and his signature phrase, "champaign wishes and caviar dreams."

I think the images speak for themselves.

85' Ocean Explorer Yacht

85' Ocean Alexander Yacht

85' Ocean Explorer Yacht Dining Salon

Dining Salon on the Ocean Alexander Yacht with Straight Back Dining Chairs with Tapered Legs.

Dining Salon on an 103' Cheoy Lee Yacht

Dining Salon on an 103' Cheoy Lee Yacht with Modesto Dining Chairs.

As for Carrington Court, we're very proud to know that our chairs can make the cut to meet the standards of multi-million dollar luxury boats. That's a great honor, but what we're even more pleased about is that we can offer these exact designs to the general public at prices almost anyone can afford. 


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Eighteen Decorating Trends to Inspire Your 2017 Makeover

With a new year comes new resolutions, new opportunities, new time—and, for many of us, new ideas and resources to spruce up our homes. There are few more concrete ways to welcome a new year than redesigning a room or an entire house with the trends and ideas that are primed to become big hits.

Oftentimes, the new overlaps with the old, in carrying over favorites from the past year (or even earlier) while offering new twists on both them and completely unique alternatives. The gift of human creativity coupled with technological advances and the ubiquity of social media have unveiled a near-endless palette of opportunities with which to create your dream home. This post will give you ideas to work with and trends to watch as you celebrate 2017.

Navy blue interiors

New and different colors are making their presence felt in 2017, and one of the biggest ones is navy blue. The forceful but inviting statement made by this shade is becoming very popular. Moreover, it’s especially easy to incorporate as a centerpiece, in throw pillows or other accents, or, as a contrasting wall color.

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17 Stellar Ideas for Decorating With Slipcovers

If slipcovers bring to mind imagery of sticky plastic and ill-fitting fabric, be prepared to banish those ideas forever! Chic, attractive slipcovers are experiencing something of a revival among decorators, and there are numerous ways to thoughtfully and tastefully incorporate them into any room.

This guide will both show you several ideas for how to make slipcovers work in your room, as well as some reasons why slipcovers are a great option. You’ll learn how to incorporate patterns and colors, whether to pick custom-made or pre-made, the pros and cons of white, and lots more.

Think of slipcovers like any other piece of furniture, and your palette will be opened up onto a vista of possibilities.

1. Don’t be afraid of frills

Because of their texture, tasteful frills can add a bright touch to any room. The cover on this couch has a decidedly Victorian feel and would work well with dark woods, parquet, and lots of floral and tea stained lace.


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Kitchen Bar Stools: A Complete Guide

How do you know if your kitchen is complete? It may have a gorgeous table and set of chairs, top of the line pots and pans, decorative jars. But no kitchen is truly complete without some counter or bar stools. Whether you’re looking to outfit your kitchen’s industrial style or simply add flair to your home, stools are the subtle answer. Not only will they serve as the centerpiece of the space, but they’re also the most versatile addition you can include in your home.

The right kind of bar stool can be tricky, especially when choosing a set that complements your home’s aesthetic instead of contradict it. Follow this guide to find the best style of stool for your kitchen.

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15 Amazing Throw Pillow Ideas

Styling a couch with throw pillows shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun! With so many fun ideas circling the internet, it’s easy to find the perfect throw pillow ideas for your space. Unique throw pillow arrangements, styles, and colors can help liven up even the most boring rooms and create an inviting atmosphere.

Gone are the days of drab, matching throw pillows you used to see in your grandmother’s home. Now, it’s all about mixing and matching, using a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures.

Don’t forget that throw pillows aren’t just for couches. Using throw pillows on your bed can create the perfect mood for your bedroom. These throw pillow ideas are sure to spark your imagination to create the perfect look for your bedroom or living room design.

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