Chair Upholstery

You can build the strongest chairs ever made, but a good parsons chair is nothing without quality upholstery. We strive to make our chairs as great on the outside as they are on the inside. It takes a lot of experience, artistry and skill to make a chair that beautiful as well as sturdy and comfortable. At Carrington Court, we focus on the little details that make the difference.


Carrington Court Direct has a big advantage when it comes to finding experienced upholsterers. The advantage is location. We are located in Hickory, NC, which is the furniture capital of the United States. There is more furniture made in Hickory, than any other place in the country. We have a huge workforce of experience upholsters to draw from.

We have the ability to pick from the most seasoned upholsterers, often ones that have worked for some of the most well known names in the furniture industry. The average age of our upholsterers is 53, with an average of 30 years of experience.

What does this mean to you? It means that you can get the same craftsmen that build the most exclusive, high quality furniture in the world at a fraction of the price. These are people that have experience, attention to detail and pride in a job well done.


In the furniture industry, the faster you can make a chair, the cheaper it costs to make. Labor accounts for a high percentage of the cost of building furniture. However, to build something fast, you'll often have to cut corners. One thing that is often neglected in upholstery to save time is matching.

Matching means that everything on the chairs line up. For example, if you order a plaid fabric, the plaid should line up on the front of the back, top of the seat and the front of the seat or skirt. Manufacturers that don't match save money because it takes less time to cut the fabric, less time to upholster the chair and less fabric is required. The end result is a sloppy looking chair.

At Carrington Court, all fabrics are matched. In addition, fabrics are centered on the seat and back. If you purchase 6 chairs from us, all of them will be identical. By taking extra time and expense, you end up with a masterpiece.


The one thing that separates good upholstery from great upholstery is the details. We go out of our way to do the little things that not everyone will notice, but makes a better dining chair.

Tailoring - Our sewers make sure that every stitch, hem, and seam are perfect and straight.

Welt - The seams on the seat and skirts on our chairs are accented by welt. Welt gives a professional, clean look to the chair.

Skirts - We offer a wide variety of skirts. Each skirt is lined. The lining helps the skirt hang straight and keeps the chair from looking sloppy. Lesser quality chairs often skip the skirt lining.

Leg Fabric - All chairs that have skirts have fully upholstered legs. Since the skirt covers most of the leg, many manufacturers skimp in this area or use a different, cheaper fabric to cover the legs.

Skirt Blocks - Certain skirt designs such as the kick-pleat skirt do not cover the legs. In these instances we make skirt blocks to cover the gap between each panel of the skirt.


Even the best upholsterers make mistakes, so that is why all chairs go through a final detail and inspection process. Before every chair is shipped out it goes through a rigorous process.

Balancing - Every chair is carefully balanced to make sure the chair is level. We also add adjustable glides on the front legs, so that if a customer can adjust the legs if they have a floor that is not perfectly level.

Pressing/Steaming - Skirts are pressed to remove all wrinkles. Other parts of the chair that may be wrinkled get steamed.

Quality inspection - The chairs are reviewed for common defects such as crooked seams and welt, mismatches or stains in the fabric and any other anomaly that may occur.

Boxing - Each chair is bagged in a plastic bag and then individually boxed for shipment.

Upholstering is a complex process. Over the years we have developed the people and processes needing in making some of the finest upholstered chairs on the market.

See What Our Customers Say:

Given this is my first experience in ordering furniture was absolutely wonderful. So easy and so quick.

Upon the arrival of her Camel Back Parsons Chairs in Remy Cabernet fabric.

Jill - Greenwich, CT

We would like to thank you for all your time, effort and quality of product and service. We'd be happy to recommend Carrington Court to anyone.

On his order of Queen Anne Dining Chairs with a Brown Cherry finish.

Larry - Houston, TX