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We have been building and constantly improving our modern dining chairs and dining room furniture for over 20 years. There are many industry ergonomic standards we follow, enabling us to offer you the most comfortable dining chairs available.

Even with these standards we have tweaked our dining room furniture design over time based on customer feedback. We strive to offer seating that will be rugged and durable and at the same time offer you the ability to have long conversations over dinner without feeling fatigued. Our chair designs make your dining room one of the most comfortable rooms in the house.

Comfort Guidelines

Carrington Court follows the following rules-of-thumb for making a comfortable chair.

  • The occupant should be able to sit in and get up from the dining chair without any difficulty.
  • The depth of the seat should allow clearance from the front of the seat to the back of the occupant's legs. If the seat is too deep, it will press against the occupant legs forcing them to sit away from the back or slouch forward. Conversely, if the seat is shallow, it may be unstable or unusable to the occupant.
  • The width of the dining chair tapers from the front to the back to allow clearance for legs and clothes in the front while offering elbow room at the back.
  • The seat should slant slightly toward the back to offer relaxed seating and to keep the occupant from slipping out of the chair.
  • The back of the dining chair should slant backwards to comfort the occupant.
  • The lower portion of the seat back should curve out to allow room for the buttocks.

Our range of contemporary dining chairs feature finished legs that really add class to your dining room. Choose from tapered, Chippendale, or Queen Anne legs in a variety of finishes.

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If you are searching for leather, check out our selection of affordable leather dining chairs.

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Your chairs are extremely affordable, beautiful and the fabric is of superior quality. The purchasing process was so painless.

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