When you think of decorating your home, you probably think of the basics like couches, tables, chairs, maybe an ottoman. But, have you considered additional accent pieces? While some furniture is primarily decorative, it can still have function. Consider benches: they are elegant, easy to place anywhere in the home, and an excellent addition to any interior. We have benches with backrests, arm rests, as well as settees and standard benches that are just a cushioned seat.

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You can place a bench at the end of your bed for decoration and lounging, set a bench along a wall for function and space-saving measures, or easily decorate your entry way with a comfortable seat. Choose between over 200 fabric options to match every color in your room, different finishes for your wooden legs, as well as skirted benches and leather colors. Customize your bench, and enjoy our made-to-order furniture at the best prices. Choose practical furniture for your home, then take your decoration to the next level with benches from our collection.

Contact us to learn more about our furniture options, as well as our furniture—all made in the United States! Shop through our bench offerings to find the perfect fit, and customize it from hundreds upon hundreds of options!

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Your chairs are the best quality and best value compared to the many I looked at, whether less or more expensive.

After purchasing Scroll Back Parsons Chairs

Suzanne - Carlsbad, CA

Given this is my first experience in ordering furniture was absolutely wonderful. So easy and so quick.

Upon the arrival of her Camel Back Parsons Chairs in Remy Cabernet fabric.

Jill - Greenwich, CT