Leather Dining Chairs

You shouldn't have to compromise when purchasing leather dining chairs. Leather is the ultimate in style and comfort, but let's face it—genuine leather is not cheap. If you are willing to pay more for leather dining chairs, you should not have to settle for a limited selection. Luckily, you can still get leather dining room chairs that are both affordable and give you a choice. Don't pass up the opportunity to get leather dining chairs that truly match your unique sense of style and existing decor.

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There are a few misconceptions about leather furniture. For one thing, leather furniture may seem like a hassle to maintain, something that wears away fast, is easily damaged by pets and kids, and is excessively expensive.

Fortunately, all of these are untrue. Leather furniture is a practical choice for all home owners, and even business owners. Leather has a distinct and clean look that is unparalleled by other upholstery, is very easy to clean to shine, and is not easily damaged—no easier to damage than fabric furniture.

One of the best areas for leather furniture is your dining room. Since leather furniture is easy to clean and maintain, it can prevent any stains or food buildup within the fabric. If someone spills on the chair, or if the chair has crumbs, clean-up is simple and maintains the cleanliness that a dining room needs.

Carrington Court has a great variety of leather dining chairs, including leather parsons chairs, dining chairs with arm rests, fabric/leather combinations, as well as designs that are ideal for any design scheme. Customize your leather dining chair with any of our 12+ leather options, as well as the finish of the wooden legs. At Carrington Court, you pay for quality, customizability, and unique designs. Shop through our offerings today, and find your perfect dining chair!

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The chairs are beautiful and absolutely exceed my expectations. I have enjoyed doing business with you.

About their purchase of Parsons Chairs with a Triple-Pleat Skirt.

Bob & Karen - Washougal, WA

I looked for months in catalogs, furniture stores and on the web. I even ordered a few, only to send them back - none compared to yours.

After receiving her skirted parsons chairs in Portia Camel fabric.

Carol - Titusville, FL